Week 34: Conference Heat Wave

Dear Family and Friends,

Never thought i´d say this so soon, but our water is off again! Haha just a few more days and it should be on again. Oh the life on an african island.

Conference was amazing! Well, at least the one session that we got to watch in english. The others were good too, but its always nice to hear their voices rather than the translators because you can't exactly translate emotion. My favorite that I heard in English was elder Holland´s. It was exactly what some of our investigators needed to hear, except they were unable to attend.

This week we have followed up with our new investigators and really found some diamonds in the rough. First is a 17 year old girl, Lenizia. She is 9 months pregnant and due the end of this month! She excepted a baptismal date, and already knows Jospeh Smith was a prophet and is reading the Book of Mormon. She's adorable! The only problem is that she is going to give birth around the time of her baptismal date, so hopefully everything will be timed right and she´ll be able to be baptized the end of this month.

Another family we have found is Sonha, Alsindo, Adilson, Suzi, Sweli, and Zau. They were all ready to go to conference with us, when their cousin/niece had to go to the hospital and they had to take her. Zau was already to go, but had to run over to meet them there when she heard about it. Next week though. They are prepared.

Then we have Tanha and her family. She had a boyfriend and it was really holding her back, but they now have separated and she is so excited because we planned to teach her the law of chastity that day that she told us she kicked him out of the house! So she was so excited about the lesson on chastity. so cute! The only problem right now is her work schedule that causes her to work most Sundays. But we´ll see what we can do!

Other than that, you can see these great moms that would be uplifted by Elder Holland's talk and be touch by the spirit as he spoke! So excited to share the talk with them!

And it has been super hot these last few days. We took a taxi to the church Saturday for conference because we couldn't stand being drentched by the time we got there. oh Africa, how i love you.

So thats all for this week!

Lots of loves,
Síster Kohlert