Week 71: So....It's now been move to 'Transfer of the Family Nights'

Boa Terde as they say here in Santo Antao,

Another wonderful week has passed by on this golden island that i love so much! We have had a lot of fun this week, and we have seen a lot of miracles. One miracle that I´d like to share was the story of the first door my greenie knocked. So it was a lovely summer day in Porto Novo; by lovely I mean drenched in sweat, covered in dirt, with sand in your eyes, with wind as if you were in a clothes dryer, when our lesson fell though and i decided to take the opportunity to have my comp knock the first door in her life. First, she had no idea where to go, haha so i picked the street and she picked the door. Turns out a family of like 14 lives there and 6 of the kids (from ages 8 to 23) sat to hear our message. They were so welcoming and so open. It was truely a miracle. We passed by again on saturday and just one of the daughters was there, but she had prayed and knew it was true. Can I just tell you that these people are prepared!?! Gotta love the mission. So we´re going to keep trying to work with the whole family (which consists of the parents and their 8 kids... you dont find that here! not with all the kids having the same parents!) so cool.

We also had another week full of family nights, every single night actually. It´s been great for our investigators and the less actives, and the members of course. We´ll see how many we can do this transfer, so far we´re at 12 out of the 14 days. soon to be 13/15 after tonight. 

Yesterday was bittersweet because it was the last fast and testimony meeting that I will have here in Cabo Verde, as I realized that sitting in the congregation I just bawled my eyes out. You grow to love these people so much, and it just breaks your heart to even think about leaving them. I love my mission. I wouldn´t trade it for anything in this world. There is not anything better that I could do with this year and a half than to serve the Lord.

Love you all! Till next week,
Síster Kohlert

Week 70: Week of Family Nights

Sooo... I only have a little bit of time today... long story. the internet here is rough. But this week, with Sister Tomas, we had a TON of family nights and it was the funnest thing ever! We had one every night for 5 days. Its amazing to see how much they help your investigators, recent converts, and less actives intergrate and find friends. We´re seeing a lot of success from them, so you´ll be getting a lot of pictures this transfers of all the family nights. But not today because this computer wont let me send pictures.... sorry.

My companion, Sister B Santos arrived this morning from Brazil. Unfortunetly her baggage got lost, so we´ll see what we can with the clothes we have in our house. I forgot what it's like to train! She just has no idea what she´s doing and I just keep forgetting that she doesnt know! haha and i think that i keep forgetting too because she already speaks portuguese haha. Can't wait to tell all the stories that come with training. Love you guys a ton! I love this work and the people here. They are truely amazing. Sorry for the short email, maybe next week everything will work out.

Ficam dret,
Sister Kohlert

Week 69: The Last Transfer


Can you guys even believe that its the last transfer?! So... my last transfer, I will be training Sister Santos, from Brazil. She´ll be arriving on Sunday or Monday, so until then I´ll be with a ´mini missionary´, Sister Tomas. She´s from this island, just another city. For those of you who dont know what a mini missionary is, its just a local who will serve for a short period of time (usually 1-6 weeks), they usually are preparing to serve, or are still deciding, so they are not set apart as a missionary. So it´ll be an interesting transfer.

This week we found some awesome people, who i´m really excited about, but we just have to get them to church... that´s always the problem. But, I have high hopes. We heard a rumor that they will divide our areas differently, but im not really sure about that. So you´ll hear about that next week. On Saturday, we were helping a member wash her clothes, and afterward we learned the dance for the festa of Sao Joao, and she made us Kamoka, the best stuff ever. I will make it for ya all when I get home. Its just toasted whole grain flour, then you add sugar and powdered milk and thats it. It looks just like sand, but tastes kinda like cheerios. You eat it plain. without any liquid. its soooo good! Sorry I dont have a picture of it, but maybe next week.

On Sunday, Sister M. Santos said bye to everyone. It was pretty sad, and she doesn't really know what to do because it's the first time that she´s been transfered to a new area, but she is actually going to serve where I was before, in Africa 70 Sal. She´s going to love it there, but it takes a lot of hard work. Lets just say that Santo Antao is one of the best islands, and you learn alot on the other islands haha.

Well, that´s just about all this week, I love you all, till next week!
Sister Kohlert

Week 68: It Lays Eggs


Well first of all, this week was a good week, well mixed, good until yesterday. We started out this week helping an investigator with her english project, making sure that everything was translated correctly. Its a good thing that I checked because it was a recipe, and as I was reading how to make this salad, it says ´and it lays eggs on topof the salad´ haha i about died laughing. It was good once she understood why I was laughing and then she was on the floor laughing too, since she meant to say ´place the eggs on top of the salad´. Granted that english is hard to learn. We continued the week with some of the funniest family nights of my mission. With Anilton (convert) doing a catwalk and other members trying to sing in english and dance the traditional dances here. It was a lot of fun, until friday.

The week was going great until I smacked my lip on my waterbottle lid and cut it open. Thats the reason why I didnt take any pictures. It looked pretty nasty, but now its not too bad. But we did have fun making up stories of how it happened.

Then we hit Sunday, and Albertina, Sonia, Ani, and Marcia didn't come to church! So instead of the 5 baptisms that we were supposed to have, we will not be having any. But in a few more weeks, hopefully Albertina, Sonia and Ani will be baptized. But Marcia and Janine will not be getting baptized because their dad will not give permission yet, but with more time he said he will let them. So ya know. Thats life. Its okay because the Lord has people prepared here, we might just be planting some seeds.

Well, thats just about it for this week!

Love you all!
Sister Kohlert