Week 70: Week of Family Nights

Sooo... I only have a little bit of time today... long story. the internet here is rough. But this week, with Sister Tomas, we had a TON of family nights and it was the funnest thing ever! We had one every night for 5 days. Its amazing to see how much they help your investigators, recent converts, and less actives intergrate and find friends. We´re seeing a lot of success from them, so you´ll be getting a lot of pictures this transfers of all the family nights. But not today because this computer wont let me send pictures.... sorry.

My companion, Sister B Santos arrived this morning from Brazil. Unfortunetly her baggage got lost, so we´ll see what we can with the clothes we have in our house. I forgot what it's like to train! She just has no idea what she´s doing and I just keep forgetting that she doesnt know! haha and i think that i keep forgetting too because she already speaks portuguese haha. Can't wait to tell all the stories that come with training. Love you guys a ton! I love this work and the people here. They are truely amazing. Sorry for the short email, maybe next week everything will work out.

Ficam dret,
Sister Kohlert

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