Week 69: The Last Transfer


Can you guys even believe that its the last transfer?! So... my last transfer, I will be training Sister Santos, from Brazil. She´ll be arriving on Sunday or Monday, so until then I´ll be with a ´mini missionary´, Sister Tomas. She´s from this island, just another city. For those of you who dont know what a mini missionary is, its just a local who will serve for a short period of time (usually 1-6 weeks), they usually are preparing to serve, or are still deciding, so they are not set apart as a missionary. So it´ll be an interesting transfer.

This week we found some awesome people, who i´m really excited about, but we just have to get them to church... that´s always the problem. But, I have high hopes. We heard a rumor that they will divide our areas differently, but im not really sure about that. So you´ll hear about that next week. On Saturday, we were helping a member wash her clothes, and afterward we learned the dance for the festa of Sao Joao, and she made us Kamoka, the best stuff ever. I will make it for ya all when I get home. Its just toasted whole grain flour, then you add sugar and powdered milk and thats it. It looks just like sand, but tastes kinda like cheerios. You eat it plain. without any liquid. its soooo good! Sorry I dont have a picture of it, but maybe next week.

On Sunday, Sister M. Santos said bye to everyone. It was pretty sad, and she doesn't really know what to do because it's the first time that she´s been transfered to a new area, but she is actually going to serve where I was before, in Africa 70 Sal. She´s going to love it there, but it takes a lot of hard work. Lets just say that Santo Antao is one of the best islands, and you learn alot on the other islands haha.

Well, that´s just about all this week, I love you all, till next week!
Sister Kohlert

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