Week 2: Ola Familia

Ola familia!

This week has been kinda crazy! I feel like nothing really happened, but then i tried to think of things to write about and then i remember the funniest things that happened! Im not sure if they will sound funny to you guys, but they really were.

So here's the best of the week:

1. Our investigator, Angelo, became our teacher. He's an amazing teacher and I learn a TON more with his style of teaching than our other teacher. He served in Mozambique, so he speaks the Portuguese they know on Cabo Verde. My comp and I were not exactly thrilled to find out he was our new teacher because our lessons were pretty much a disaster. S. Larsen said when we got done with our last lesson, "i'd rather die than see him ever again." Then the next morning we walked into class and he was there. It was hilarious. Our faces tho.

2. Last Wednesday, we were walking to lunch, and the Elders were behind us and a bird pooped on Elder Lunt's face. Like right on his cheek. We all were basically on the ground laughing. Poor Elder Lunt.

3. Last Tuesday, we went to the temple and did an endowment session, and sister larsen fell asleep! so funny. Her arm slipped off the arm rest and she kinda spazzed bahaha.

4. We figured out how to take off the doorknob in our classroom, and we hid a note in it. Maybe someone will find it in 50 years and think its so dope.

5. I received a calling in our branch this week. I am now the music coordinator! I get to pick the hymns and find special musical numbers, pianist, and choristers. sooo much fun! haha

6. We got a new classroom, and it used to be a lesson observation room, so we can listen in on the coversations in the neighboring classrooms aka the other districts in our branch. its hilarious. some of the elders and sisters say the funniest things when they dont think anyone is listening!

7. MTC breakfast= blehhh MTC muffins= delicious!

8. Best service assignment= powerwashing the showers

9. Sister Miller, in my district, is a doTerra addict. So funny. P.s. Terra in Portuguese means Earth.

10. Praia (cape verde praia mission) means beach! TO THE BEACH!

11. we always say 'Hatazana" which means rats in portuguese and our teachers think we are crazyyy.

12. Portuguese uses lots of nasaley tones, so we sound like dying cows half the time.

Well thats basically everything! I love you all sooo much! I miss you guys! I hope you have a fanastic week!

My DearElder address is:
Sister Lauren Kohlert
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Tudo Bem!
Sister Kohlert

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