Week 14: Feels Like I Just Talked to You

Dear Familiy,

Well another week down! Im doing good, as always. 

Sooo... This week:

We went to São Vincente for zone meeting. I like going on the boat because its cold. But everyone else gets sea sick so that makes it lame. before there was one missionary who didnt so i talked to him, but he went home so now everyone else gets sick. so i just sit there trying not to bother the people who look like they are going to lose it all. Hahah

We didnt have a baptism this week. We always have lessons. We NEVER knock doors here. We use references instead and contact people on the street and maybe set up appointments if they seem interested.

I have decided that getting sick every week or so is just normal. Me and Sister Johnson just expect to get sick at least once every two weeks. Its super fun. But we just walk it off and just keep working!

Our ward in Porto Novo will be splitting, probably will be announced officially at stake conference on june 7, the last day of the transfer as well, so we are guessing that they will take out one of the sets of missionaries here so there will only be 4 total again. Probably 2 sisters and 2 elders. So either me and sister johnson will be moving or the other sisters. I hope its the other sisters! I dont want to leave my area. It really is the best. In the entire mission. Not even kidding. Like its one of the only areas that is a small city. All the rest are much bigger. 

I dont really know what else to write! We have one investigator who is amazing. His name is Anilton and he is 19, he asked if we could teach him basically. He read like 30 pages of the Book of Mormon in under one day which is unheard of here. He also does the additional study things in the pamphlets. He is basically teaching us! So he will probably get baptized with his sister who is equally amazing on the 30 of may or maybe the 23. well see. 

We also have two moms who both love to come to church, so hopefully they will be getting baptized in the near future, they just either have to get married or separte from their boyfriends. So we´ll see about them as well!

Okay so.... yeah! Thats life! I´ll take more pictures this week! I promise!
Love you guys!
Sister Kohlert
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