Week 13: Lizards!

Bom Dia (or Tarde or Noite)!

Finally sent some pictures! I´ll try to take more next week and send them. So this week... where do I start! Oh! A pipe broke here in Porto Novo, and it supplied water to the city. Oops. They have to get a new one from Sal... so who knows how long. So everyone doesn't have water, so they are using the stuff they have stored and buying whatever else they need. We have a tank, so hopefully it will last till they get it fixed or else we will be spending a lot of money on water. Oh and its getting hotter! The wind is hot. Ive never experienced anything like it. Even the natives say its hot, and will be till August. Every week I will probably say that I didn't think it could get any hotter. But oh it can!

As you can tell from the pictures, we had a baptism this week! She is seriously amazing and was so happy!
Dont have anytime this week sorry!

One crazy thing that happened:
We were in a lesson with Antonia, yeah same one. Everything strange always happens there, I dont know why. But during our lesson, their cat was playing with something, turned out to be a lizard! I thought it was a cockroach, then a mouse, then I knew it was a lizard. Sister Johnson saw it in the middle of the hymn and freaked out a bit and we just tried to laugh it off because Antonia didn't know it was because of the cat. Then you could hear it chewing on the bones haha. Then at the end, we looked over, and the whole thing was gone. there was nothing left! Oh the things that happen here in Cabo Verde! I love it!

Love you all, sorry it was short this week!

Sister Kohlert

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