Week 12: Transfers

So.... Im staying here in Santo Antão! So happy! I love it here and never want to leave! At least 6 more weeks in the best district in the mission. I´m so lucky! 
So this week.... I´m turning into Nicole! We had a lesson with a less-active member and she gave us a little snack, basically cream of wheat, but they make it a little different. She said it was just the stuff mixed with sugar, salt, banana, and milk, but afterwards when she was explaining how to make it, she said she cooks the cream of wheat in water. So we were sooo nervous we were going to get sick! But we were fine. We were joking about it on our way to our next appointment, and I had to go to the bathroom, so we were just going to stop at the church, no big deal right? Except that sister johnson made me laugh so hard that I peed my skirt in the middle of the street! Hahaha it was so funny! Luckily no one was there, and we were right by our house so I ran in and changed super quick then off to our lesson! It was pretty hilarious. I still cant believe that that happened. That was the only crazy thing that happened this week luckily.
But we seriously always have miracles!

First of all, we had a goal of 4 baptisms this month, we just need two more. We had three that were supposed to, they just needed to come to church! Unfortunetly only one came. But! We realized that Antonia´s ( our recent convert) friend, Benvindo (45-ish), had come to chruch every week with them! And he had been present for a few of their lessons. So we started teaching him and he wants to be baptized! He was just waiting for us to ask him! He got so excited when we started talking about it so we could ask him to accept a date. Haha so cute. He also is keeping the law of chastity and the word of wisdom already! Ah! He is so ready! So he will be getting baptized this saturday with our other one who came to chruch, Silene (16).

Silene is another story, she has wanted to get baptized for a while, but her mom wouldnt let her. We have been trying to ask her for the last few weeks, but she works a TON! But we finally got her for a few minutes and she was like "yeah, of course she can get baptized." WHAT?!?! super crazy. I dont know how she changed so quickly!

And my favorite of the week. We have been teaching a less active, Herik(16), for a few weeks now with his friend, investigator, Fredwilson(16). We have been begging them to come to church and they never did. BUT! This week Herik came!!! By himself! It was just for sacrament, but we will take it, the most important meeting! He was coming with Christian(15), brother of Fredwilson, also a investigator, and was getting our recent convert, Lucas, who was sick so didnt come. So Christian bailed out and Lucas too, but Herik came! Even when the others bailed! Ah! He is going to be solid. Oh and did I ever mention that Herik, Fredwilson, and Admilson(18) (brother of Fredwilson, also an investigator) have a band! Well they all sing and are really good! I´ll have to get their songs and show them to you guys when I get home. And of course their band/music group name thing (Black Boys haha) is english and all their song titles. Haha they are so cute because they think its so cool! 

They are so excited to be baptized! We made them calendars to mark reading and praying, and church, with their baptism date, and we were stopping by to make sure they got them. Right before we knocked on the door, Admilson yells "Batismo!" haha obviously reading his calendar. And when we walked in, Christian (15!!!) was reading the book of mormon as they were eating dinner! So great. Its amazing.

I love you guys and I love this work!
Till next week,

Sister Kohlert

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