Week 9: Just Another Week in Cabo Verde

Heyo! Well I have some crazy stories this week!

So first of all, Happy Easter! I hope you all enjoyed conference in your native language. Im sure all the talks were greats, but all I got was that there were probably like six talks about marriage! Good thing I´m on a mission, but Cabo Verde needed that! No one gets married here. We did get to watch the last session in English which was a huge blessing!

Running low on time, so here´s the best of this week:
The power went out for the first time! Just for about 2 hours from 8-10 ish. We got to use candles instead so that was pretty dope. I felt like out fore fathers looking over the declaration by candle light, but I was looking at the scriptures of course.

We definitely knew that the Lord was guiding us this week! We were walking to our next appointment one night when we stopped to talk to a member whos mom was in the hospital, and just as we were leaving we saw our friend Elton! We walked home with him and we asked him where he lived, and it was the house of one of our brand new investigators who was engaged. He said it was his uncles house! What! So his uncle came to the door and he looked just like one of our other investigators, but my comp said she knew him. So she was talking to him and he said that he was baptized in1998 but had since gone inactive! What?!? We set up an appointment, and went on our way to tell our other investigator Nitch that we met someone who looked just like him. He was like oh yeah! Thats my friend, Anilton! We grew up together! So crazy! Nitch didnt know that Anilton was a member though, so now we are going to teach them all together and they will all get baptized! Haha crazy!

Some info about the people we teach:

I feel like most of the people we teach are 14 to 25, most are male. For some reason it seems like there are a lot more guys here. Maybe all the girls just stay inside all day, I don't know. But the really strong investigators are always young, they are just so willing! We are teaching the younger brother (14) of a recent convert (21) and he is just amazing! He listens so well in lessons and is just so happy all the time. You can tell that he has seen the change in his brother and he wants the same. 

We are also teaching another girl (17) who was taught a few times by missionaries a few months ago, and we asked her about her reading the Book of Mormon, and she said she hasn´t read for a while, but she knows that its true and she was just waiting for us to ask her to be baptized. She is so excited, but she just needs to start reading and going to church again. She did come to general conference though! 

You know exactly who the active members are when you go to conference here. There were only, at most, 40 people at conference, and majority were the same ones. People just don't understand why church is important and it can be really frustrating here. A lot of the members are inactive. There are a ton of young men who are inactive and were only baptized a few months ago. They have so much potential! But the ones that go are truly converted. They all want to go on missions, and one is leaving today for his mission in Brazil. When I asked him what he likes to do in his free time he said study the scriptures. 100% serious. He is amazing. Anyways, most of the members are young, some older, some families, but very few. Most are the only members in their families.

Okay some funny things:

1 - We were teaching a girl about the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity and how our bodies are like temples. We showed her a picture of the SLC temple and asked her to describe it. She said full of light, pure, clean, and white. Then pure and white.... *looks at her skin (shes African American)* ... on the inside.` Right then our investigator looks right at me.... haha, am I really that white! Geez! Super funny though.

2 - Last thing, we always hike up these dirt paths to get home at night, and we decided to take a different one. Bad idea. We couldnt see ANYTHING! Sister Johnson ended walking into a sticky bush and getting cut up! Then we ended up climbing up this hill on our hands and knees trying not to slide down haha it was pretty hilarious. 
Just another day in Cabo Verde! (missionary handbook: dont climb mountains. Whoops.)

I know that God´s hand is in this work, and I know that He guides the missionaries! I love you all, have a great week!

Till then,
Sister Kohlert

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