Week 11: Prayers

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks for all those who prayed for Lucas this last week. He was baptized and it was beautiful. He gave the most amazing testimony. I know that he knows these things are true. Their testimonies are so pure.
I dont have much time, so just know I´m doing well and I love you all. I love my mission and I love this work. These people are truly amazing and willing to sacrifice all.

I want to share one quick experience with you all to end this letter:
We met a young man at church who came with some of his friends. We stopped by his house last night and gave them first lesson and invited them to find out if these things are true. The spirit was so strong when we got to the first vision. They (him and his family) we´re leaning in to hear every word we were saying. It will be forever one of my favorite experiences reciting the first vision for them. After, the mom said she felt so happy. After they brought out these small scones for us, and I knew they had hardly anything, being a single mom with seven kids, and an 18 year old who worked to support his family. But here they were, willing to give a portion of what they had to us. It almost brings me to tears. I just love my mission already. This work changes lives. It really does fill the soul with joy.

I love you all and I love this work,
Sister Kohlert

Excerpts about what the weather is like:

We went to a really cool place today by Ribera Grande. It was beautiful! The weather is basically the same every single day, but it is getting hotter here and May/June are the hottest months and of course im on the hottest island. BUT I LOVE IT! ah I wish you guys could be here! It's amazing. You guys would love it. I want to move here! If the schools were better, I definitely would! p.s. it doesn't rain here....like ever.

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