Week 8: First Full Week in the Field

Oi! First week in the field!

Too bad it feels like I´ve been here for like a year. I´m sure every transfer will feel shorter and shorter. So... super excited for conference this week! 4 hours of the best thing since the last time i ate nutella.
So this week, we taught a ton of lessons, and we have 17 new investigators. Its crazy. We run around this city like crazy! Im getting to know all the names of the members and their friends. We mainly know the younger teenagers because they are the coolest. Everyone is always so friendly here!

So on Saturday we had 2 baptisms, Antonia (mother, 37) and Jocelene (daughter, 13). It was beautiful. You can really see the change in people, and also in their homes. Antonia´s home is so much cleaner and brighter, it just feels like a happy place! Ah! I love it!

We almost only had one baptism, but it´s a long story and I´m running a bit short on time today. Lets just say that Sister Johnson and I had to run across Porto Novo at 6:45 (from the chapel to a house about 10 minutes walking, back to the chapel) and the baptism was at 7. It was insane. That was my exercise for the day. Not to mention that there is a MASSIVE hill and like 3 flights of stairs to go up\down since we had to return. At least our pictures still looked good!

Other crazy stuff:
There are a TON of dogs here. Most of them are okay, but some I really don´t like. 
The food is pretty good, but there is only one flavor. Salty. We eat rice, fish, potatoes, carrots, plantains, and sometimes lettuce if we are lucky (for lunch/dinner).

Every night I make steamed milk with sugar and vanilla, and I got my comp hooked on it too. So good.
Boulashes(?) are the best thing ever. I don´t even know how to describe them.
My companion and I sing disney songs and english hymns everywhere we go, except for in lessons when we sing Portuguese hymns!

The youth here are so willing and ready to accept the gospel. and they dont care how crappy my portuguese is.
I almost fall down the the dirt paths like everyday. you get used to it, and also get used to having a ton of rocks in your sandals.

The wind was insane this week. No one tells you that Cabo Verde can be extremely windy! All they say is how hot! It did get cold in the evening this week! We had to start carrying cardigans with us because it got so cold! I wanted another blanket on my bed other than the sheet!

Next week I´ll try to think of more things to write, but I didn´t bring my list I write stuff down on today! Sorry!
But we almost got to go to a buffett because president visited, but the sisters had already had the lady in our ward that makes us lunch, make food for everyone so we didnt go... sad day. Hopefully we will go when they come back next month!

I love Cabo Verde! I love these people!
Have a great week and remember that I love you all!
Fica fisch!(? sorry dont know how to spell anything in Portuguese)

Sister Kohlert

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