Week 6: SLC to Altanta to Newark to Lisbon to Cape Verde

No email this week, as the missionaries left for Cape Verde Monday morning. They got up at 2:30am to be at the travel office by 3:00am, which was their designated time to leave. When they got to the travel office, they found that it didn't open until 3:30am, so they had the night security guard open the cafeteria so they could eat a bowl of cereal before they left for the airport. The flight schedule was to depart from SLC at 7:00am, arrive in Atlanta at 12:30pm, depart from Atlanta at 1:45pm, arrive in Newark at 4:10pm, depart Newark at 7:00pm, arive Lisbon on Wednesday morning at 6:00am, depart Lisbon 2:00pm, arrive in Cape Verde Wednesday night at 7:00pm.

Apparently there was quite a bit of turbulence when the plane landed and some of the missionaries got sick. 
On the Plane from Newark, New Jersey to Lindon, Portugal

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