Week 18: Transfers

Okay! First thing: HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TYLER! I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being a boss brother. Keep up the haircut because I need to see it in person.
So for transfers... this is what happened:
Sister Johnson went to Praia to be a sister training leader.
I am staying here in Santo Antão, but...the elders were removed and so they split my area in half and gave half to the sisters, and we have half and the elders area.
My new companion is Sister Corbett, from Washington DC.She has 3 transfers left and was the sister training leader in Praia.

Sister Corbett and I
Oh, and I am growning out my hair! So if in the pictures it doesnt look super great. Its the best I can to so deal with it. haha they can cut hair pretty good here so it shouldnt look too messed.

So this week was full of some crazy stuff!

First of all, we cried a lot. We had to say goodbye to our investigators in the other part of our area that the sister will have, and it was just about the sadest thing. We got really close with the couple that is working towards marriage and the woman, Irene, has wanted to get baptized for years. We thought at least one of us would be there for the wedding and baptism, but now we are both out of that area. When we broke the news to Irene, she bawled her eyes out with us. They better still get married, and Seirgio, the man, is going to stop drinking. They can do it. Its just so hard to leave them when they really need our support.

One of the stories that I wanted to tell last week, but didn't have time was about one of the people who got baptized, Rosi. The one with the baby in the picture(I think I sent one). Her and her brother, also got baptized, were doubting whether or not they should get baptized because their mom pointed out that their godparents would not approve. But Rosi bore her testimony to her mom and it was so precious. She told about how before we starting teaching her, she was having a really hard time in life, but we brought light and joy into her life. The spirit was so strong. We were all almost crying, but we all managed to keep it in. When we asked the mom if she had seen changes in her children, she couldnt say anything or she would have started crying. It was amazing. Then at the baptism, Rosi bore her testimony and it was just as amazing. She is a precious soul. The last lesson we had with her, she asked us to share a scripture that would touch her heart. Oh! I just love her! The people here are amazing. I am so blessed to serve in a place where the people are so receptive to the spirit and are willing to change their lives. 

One thing that is great about transfers is that you just can't help but bear your testimony with your whole heart when you know that it will be the last change you get with these people. I cannot stress the importance of the Book of Mormon enough. Read everyday. Do not fault. Read with your heart. Feel the words of these prophets of God. This book changes lives. I have seen it. You can tell who is reading and who isn´t. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! It will change your heart. It has changed mine and continues to do so everyday. Today, I challenge all of you to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. You can do it! Read with real intent, mark your scriptures, take notes, and pray. End your reading with a prayer, and before you end, sit and wait for a minute or two. Answers will come to those who sincerily seek.

I love you all!
Sister Kohlert

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