Week 19: Baratas, Mice and the Barco

Well do I have some stories for you! I wish I had pictures of some of them too. But words will have to suffice for some. So white washing is fun. and hard. I dont think i have ever been so tired in my entire life every night. but I guess that means we´re working hard. Man. I dont know how i wake up every morning with energy. A gift from God. 

Speaking of gifts, yesterday we found a huge cockroach in our house! We killed it after letting out some squeels. Then when we came back that night there were two more! So huge and nasty! Sister Corbett screamed right when we walked in and I thought there was a robber in the house or something! Scared me so bad. But baratas (cockraoches) are always super gross to kill. so we killed them after screeming a lot and huddling in the corner when they moved. They move fast! Freak! So we got over that and threw them out the window after we m~smashed them real good with a chaco.
But thats not the end... This morning, I was going to grab a skirt out of my suitcase and something moved. Freaked me out. Not gonna lie. Wasnt sure if it was a cockroach, but I was kind of scared it would be a centipede. Luckily it wasnt either of those. After removing a few things and it moving some more, we discovered it was a mouse! Ah! So gross! Must have just spent the night in my suitcase. thats chill. yup definitely cleaning all my clothes again. But we didnt know how to get it out of the house, so we ended up closing the suit case and putting a sheet around it because we cvouldnt zip it up, and carrying it into the stairwell of the building and the removing the sheet and it jumped right out and basically fell down the stair well than we let it out when it got to the bottom. So yeah... the things that happen in Cabo Verde. Love it. 
Then today, we went to Sao Vicente (different island) to go to the bdoctors for sister corbett, and we.... almost missed the only boat back today. Ah! It was crazy! So we were kind of stupid and thought we could eat lunch in like 20 minutes and then head over... but 40 minutes later we ran to the cais (dock thing) and the lady wouldnt let us buy tickets because it was leaving... so we thought we were screwed and would have to stay the night and take the next boat tomorrow morning. We ran to ask someone else, and ended up running to the boat to see if they would lower the ramp again so we could get on. At first they were like yes no yes no! ah! They let us on! What! Stopped the whole boat and then they found out we hadnt paid... oops. but luckily they still let us get one and we just paid once we were sitting down. super crazy. Man, the Lord takes care of his missionaries. It was a miracle.

And this week we found out that one of our investigrs used tobe a cocaine addict. And dealer. and he servfed in prision for 3 months. and he stole a car. hahaa that was an interesting lesson. But he has been clean for a year and a half now, but he drinks and smokes, but he has such a strong desire to change and follow Christ. He reads and STUDIES the scriptures everyday. What a boss. He´s a character. 

Okay one last thing, we learned the power of prayer this week. We were VERY short on investigators. like we had 3. So we were just preaying a lot to find people. and man did we! We found so may people who were ready to hear our message. One time, we said a prayer and the next people we contacted, 3 girls, took us to their house and we had the first lesson with them and commited them to baptism. It was a huge blessing. We had been walking for 4 hours straight. and to just have that one lesson, it just strengthen my testimony of prayer and God´s love for all of us. Amazing.~

I love my mission. I love this island. I love this people. And I love all of you! Keep sharing the gospel. The missionaries need you. Never let a impression from the spirit pass. Talk to new people in church. We all have the need to feel loved, whoever we may be, whatever we may look like

I love you guys!
Sister Kohlert

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