Week 25: Just the Usual Swarm of Bees

Dear Friends and Family,

Okay so my bad, apparently I cant write kriolu very well. Its actually txeu from last week, my bad. Im just learning a lot lately!

So this week, to get the crazy stories in, we rescued a kitten from under/inside a car. We were just walking home one night and we heard a meow from under a police van, so we decided that we needed to save it because if they turned on the car it would die. So sister friaça was under the car trying to get it out when a police man comes and is like `what are you doing!´ super funny. just trying to save a life! So after about 30 minutes with phone lights, we got him out and he booked it, so i dont have any evidnece... but I swear its true. And sister Friaça was COVERED in dirt. super funny. it was all over her face too. priceless. 

So then, the next day, we were chillin doing our studies, when a bee flies in, and sister friaça shoos it out. then two more come in a few minutes later, and we get those out too, and of course we were not screaming at all. Then a few minutes later, there is a huge swarm on our balcony, so we close the doors and all the windows in the house. Then we tried to discover were they came from. were so smart. We found out. and took some super funny videos, which you all will have to wait for till i get home. Sorry about it. So i sent the picture of the bees on the side of our apartment complex. Oh and we found out that our contract had ended for our apartment, so now we´re working on finding another one. Its been real fun!

Okay so, to end this weeks email, we did have an interesting experience with one of our investigatorsRosa. Her sister is a Jehovahs Witness and she showed her some stuff on the internet about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and she had quite a few questions for us. She wasn´t exactly very open to hear what we had to say, which was a little frustrating. She was very confused and we really tried to help, but she won´t read the Book of Mormon or ask Heavenly Father anything in her prayers. It was definitely hard to see. All we could do was bear our testimonies to her and just hope that she would feel the Spirit. When I was bearing my testimony, I found out how true the quote is about how you find our testimony in the bearing of it. I felt like I always had a testimony of the Restauration, but I felt like it wasn´t as strong as it needed to be. As I testified of Joseph Smith, I truely realized that I knew it was true, that he was a prophet called of God and that the church was restored though him. It was a really special experience for me, and an answer to my prayers. Through the trials that God sends us, we really do become stronger and realize how great out potencial really is. I love you all!

Have a great week!

Síster Kohlert

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