Week 27: Miracles, Pregnancy, and Sickness

Dear Family and Friends,

Dont have much time.... as usual. Sorry! but here´s just a few things that happened this week!

We finally marked a date with one of our investigators and she accepted, but she just needs to get married now! Her names Paula, and I think you´ll be hearing more about her in the coming weeks.

We have some girls who are trying to help us find a house because we have to move. We decided to talk to them one day and ended up being  about to have the first lesson with them and they were amazing! super interested and honestly wanted to know more. They are active members of the church next to ours, but they are open to experimenting, which is always good!

Then on Wednesday, one of our investigators, who we had planned to teach her the law of chastity that visit, told us that she was pregnant. She was just crying because she doesn´t want another kid, and her boyfriend lives in Portugal, so the baby isnt his. She has a 5 year old already, and she is out of work. we had a change of lesson plan real quick. We decided to do something a little crazy with her and had her say a personal prayer and then open to a random page in the Book of Mormon. I was just praying that she wouldn´t open to the war chapters and that it would be somewhere that we could at least realate something to her. And those of you who know the Book of Mormon well know what we read when she opened to Alma 36. We read alma´s take on his repentance process. It was perfect and beautiful. She may not have gotten much out of it, but me and Síster Friaça sure did. Even though this wasn´t something that she planned for her life, I think that it is a trial that will bring her a lot closer to her Heavenly Father if she lets it. 

So the week was going so well up till this point, almost too well. Then that night, it crashed. We were down with the flu for three days. And now its monday. and the new week has begun.

Till next week,
Sister Kohlert

p.s. we gave a chinese boy a book of mormon in chinese and he only has 30 pages left now! What?!?! so we try to communicate with him, but he only understands and speaks kriolu. so fun. We´re gonna come out on top though and teach him!

No pics this week... sorry

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