Week 28: Whelp...it was a boring week.

Sorry this letter is going to be super lame. NOTHING happened this week. Super sad. It was SUPER HOT though. I just about couldn't handle it any more. I don't even know how people here do it. They need AC here. You are just constantly dripping with sweat. Like im going to invest in a towel to carry around with me to wipe off the sweat from my face. I didnt know it could get so hot. No one was outside this week, no one. we ran from patch of shade to patch of shade. our water was basically boiling by the end of the day. But we had some really good laughs in the midst of the heat....probably because we were dullusional from dehydration. But don't get me wrong, I love serving here. Its a great pile of sand with some amazing people who we are planting seeds inside. someones got to plant them right? Well this was a short email. maybe something amazing that I can write a good story about will happen next week.

For the fam and y´all have FHE!  This home evening should be devoted to prayer, singing hymns, songs, instrumental music, scripture reading, family topics, and specific instruction on the principles of the gospel and on the ethical problems of life, as well was the duties and obligations of children to parents, the home, the Church, society, and the nation.` and for steph and tyler and all you teens who are too cool for family time, `We encourage the young people to remain at home that evening and use their energies in making it instructive, profitable, and interesting.` -Joseph F. Smith 

I know how hard it is to have FHE. I never wanted to. I admit I avoided it like the plague. But now I see the value of it! Its so important to grow together and share spiritual experiences and to have that gospel based family. Leave that hour from 7 till 8 every monday, and don't you dare schedule ANYTHING....even if you think its more important....because is there really anything else more important than our families and the gospel? 

Jospeh F. Smith gives a pretty great promise for those who have FHE, `We promise that great blessings will result. Love at home and obedience to parents will increase. Faith will be developed in the hearts of the youth of Israel, and they will gain power to combat the evil influences and temptations which beset them.' We all have an equal resposibility to leave that hour open. leave your excuses behind and make it happen and see the blessings that come (cough cough you know who you are!) Dont forget that I love you guys! Thanks for the emails every week keeping me posted on all the drama in your lives!

Com muito amor, 
Sister Kohlert

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