Week 29: Hurricanes and Chuks

Sorry I didn't email yesterday, the internet was down due to the hurricane. we are all safe here, but we definietly got hit. Started on Monday morning, and the flights were cancelled, and there was a lot of rain and very strong wind. But first, I will review the week. 

Some Investigators
So the week was good, just like usual, hot, lots of walking, till about Friday when our water was shut off, and our landlord is in Belgium. No way to contact him. We decided to wait to see if it would come back on. Mean while, we got to see the chuks(pigs) of our investigator Paula. Super fun, ill send pictures. 

Then Saturday, the water was still off, and we had hardly any in the house, so we had to go to the other sisters the get some more. We watched a baptism on the beach that night because the font wasn´t ready. Super cool. Then we went home and our water was still off and we asked our neighbor and she said hers came back on, so we decided to wait a bit longer.The next morning, still no water. We took showers and did everything at the other sisters house, and life continued. We visited Marina, who was pregnant, turns out she had a miscarriage. It was sad, but she wasn´t too effected because she wasn´t super excited to have another child. Then on Sunday night, we got the call about the storm, and had to prepare a few things. We still were without water. Then the next morning the storm hit. Our windows were leaking water all over the floor, we were contantly mopping trying to keep up with it. we put towels in the window sills then went out to get groceries in the middle of the storm. 
Waiting Out the Storm
We thought it hadnt hit yet and was going to get worse later. haha we are so smart! We collected the rain water to use to flush the toilets and wash the dishes (our house STILL doesnt have water, going on 5 days now) The electricity went out for a while and we went out to teach.
Soaking Wet from the Storm
Had a great lesson with Paula and her family in the candle light. Then did some service for our neighbor and just had some miracles happen! Hoping that we will find a new house and our water will return. We are all safe here. Love you guys! Thanks for the prayers!

Sister Kohlert

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