Week 31: Maneira!


Just to keep y´all posted, officially 18 days without water. Gotta love life. When the other missionaries be calling president when they dont have water for 4 days, we are living over here lugging 5 liter jugs of water from the store up to our third floor apartment. wheres the respect? bahaha now this is life.

So aside from that, we have been continually finding new families and people to teach. it just takes a lot to get them ready for baptism. to get people married here is a rough a bumpy road with lots of road blocks. Hopefully we´ll have a wedding this transfer, we´ll see though.

This week we taught a group of little boys to play ninja after our english class, funnest thing ever. Helped us leave all the stress and relax and have some fun for a bit.

Then on Sunday, one of the speakers didn't show up, so during the sacrament, the bishop waves me up to the stand, and tells me i´ll be giving a talk on eternal marriage. so great. gotta love that. trying to write a talk on the stand during sacrament, and of course I assume i wont be the first speaker... haha yeah right! Definitely was the first speaker. So that was a really rough talk since the sacrament only takes about 10 minutes to pass here, so i only had 5 minutes to prepare. bahaha. i guess thats a part of being a missionary. maybe i should just prepare a few talks and keep them in my bag on sundays just in case. 

Swarm of  flies in our Apartment

Lots of loves, hopefully next week we will have water too!

Síster Kohlert

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