Week 33: Sweet Water

Boa Tarde!

We finally have water! Best day ever. Finally have a clean house and a new found hope! This week was incredible in the way that we found 16 new investigators, but unfortunately none of them came to church... but a friend of a recent convert came! and she lives in our area, so that was a miracle. Now we just have to keep up with all of our investigators and see who will actually progress. We have high hopes though!

I also got to hear a bit about my recent converts back in Porto Novo, two of them that had gone less active when I got transferred, are now active again! One, Anilton is preparing to receive the aaronic priesthood, and serve a mission! And his sister, Rosi is also active again. Love them! And I belive that i already mentioned a few weeks ago that Dany was preparing to recieve the Melchezidek priesthood and serve a mission as well. Ah! Miracles! The day that I will be able to talk to them again will be a great one (because most dont have internet and theres no such thing as receiving letters here).

Sorry its another short email, don't have much to say this week. Life keeps going. Our work is progressing, and transfers are on their way.

P.S. super excited for general conference! Any guesses for the next 3 apostles? My guesses: Tad R Callister, Gerald Causse, and Bruce C Hafen. I have some backups, but those are my top 3 guesses.

Love you all!
Till next week because A-frikan´have a lot of work to do (cred. Elder Holt)

Síster Kohlert

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