Week 30: On the Search for Families


So this week was full of ups and downs. Just to keep y´all posted on the water situation, we STILL dont have water. yup. its been 10 full days now without running water in our house. super fun. 

As for missionary work, we have been finding A TON of new families to teach! Its truely amazing, i cant even explain it. and I dont have time this week to write all the stories. just know that I´m doing well, and I love the people we are teaching. At times its hard, mainly just because of how a mission is, and somethings are just unavoidable. But we´re pushing on, and learning a lot more about trusting in the Lord. I have learned this week, more than anyother time in my life, that the Lord knows. He knows our efforts, He knows our hearts, He knows what we are feeling,

and most importantly, He knows our investigators and the families here, and He sees the changes in their lives, even if it doesn´t show up in the number of lessons we have, or the number opf baptisms. I have seen the spirit touch the hearts of the people and you can see the change in their eyes. There were so many lessons this week and I wish I had time to write, but unfortunatly I dont! Just one quick update about one of our investigators, Paula, I sent pictures of us at her farm lsat week, she let us know this week that her husband will no longer let us talk to her, and she is no longer allowed to go to our church. It was very hard to hear for us, we really have grown so close to her and her family. We´ve just been praying that her husband will open his heart, and at least let us talk to her and her kids again. The mission is hard, and its trying, but it´s so worth it. I cant even describe it, but those who have served know exactly what I mean. I love you guys so much!

Till next week,
Síster Kohlert

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