Week 24: Walkin' the Days Away

Tcheu dor this week. Aka lots of pain in kriolu haha.

Not really, but kinda.

So here in Sal, its really flat. its a nice change. And Síster Friaça is soooo hilarous! man, we just have a lot of fun here. She is from Virginia, and went to BYU-I before the mish. She just turned 20 and has 2 more transfers than me... aka she has 10 months on the mish.. ish.

So this Saturday, we had 2 baptisms, and a baptism of a less-actives daughter. Melanie and Marcilene are the sweetest ever, they are just adorable! I don´t really haev too much to say this week, we are just working really hard on getting this area going! We have to walk 30 minutes to get to our area, so thats where the pain comes from. But its good. I need to trim down. We walk a ton though. its real fun. Our area is very populated, lots of cars, lots of people. The kriolu is a bit different here, but not too bad. They do speak faster, so it´ll just take some getting used to.

So here they have a branch, and the frequency is about 60 ish, so about half of the ward in Porto Novo. I feel like it has more older more stable members though so thats good. They dont have as many kids or youth as in porto novo. We dont have very many investigators right now, so we´re going to work really hard this week to find some people and talk our way into people´s houses so they can really see how great our message really is!

I love you all, thanks for your support!

Síster Kohlert

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