Week 22: Those Contacts!

Ta Bom!

So this week was another crazy week of walking. We have been blessed with so many miracles though, you wouldn´t believe all of them (but missionaries kind of take everything as a miracle haha). We recieved a challenge as a zone to baptize someone on Saturday the 27th and the 4th, and they asked us on Thursday night. It was kind of crazy, especially when we didn't have any investigators at church the last 3 weeks, so we were very apprehensive about this. Because we all have recent converts that are already less-active. And I´m not even going to lie. Only three of my baptisms are active. It really is hard to see them change so much, but then just go less active so quickly. It really does put a damper on your excitement for baptism. So we didn´t take the challenge as seriously as we maybe should have. So... our entire district and zone received a faca (knife, aka chastized) for our lack of faith. It was rough. Especailly because we really didn´t find anyone who was prepared. We were all called out the next Tuesday. But we decided to repent and change our way of thinking. That very next day we contacted three people who had already been taught by other missionaries and two of which had already been to church many times in the past. The Lord really does place people in our path. Unfortunely, we were unable to find them again after the first contact, but we will keep trying. So we didn´t have a miracle baptism, but this Saturday, we will be having a baptism (Dani, 23) and he is truely prepared. He has completely changed his life, and studies the scriptures like an experienced member. It´s incredible how people can change.

Okay and one more thing about contacts. Every Sunday we have the hardest time not having our lessons fall though. Everyone is always gone when we mark to talk with them! We marked every half hour on Sunday and none of them were home. WHAT! but we did have a random lesson in the middle of the street! haha it went well, but they weren´t willing to meet with us again due to their religion and time. But on our way home, we ran into a man, who our old district leader had contacted on divisions and his number didn´t work. He has a family and is so open to hearing our message. and I think he might be married! Golden! No one here is married! Then later we talked to another guy in the street that basically told us that he loves the church and he wants us to talk to the rest of his family. So prepared! Truely incredible.

Anyways. Im sure that those sound super lame. I dont really have any weird stories this week, other than I got nipped by a dog for the first time! that was weird. and then we were awakened yesterday by drums for Cabo Verde´s independence day at 5.30 or 6:00 am-ish. SOOO loud. its ridiculous. Oh and I never told you guys that I literally live 100 yards from the water, and like 20 feet from the sand....ya know.....just livin´ in paradise over here.

Love you guys!

Síster Kohlert

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