Week 23: Off to the Island of Salt

Dear Family and Friends,

Guess what week it is!?! okay ill just tell you... TRANSFERS! So i'm off to Sal (salt in Portuguese). aka the island of tourists and beaches, but i'll be in the city where all the workers live, more like the desert. But its chill. I'll fly out in a few hours. Im sad to leave Santo Antao, but it was a good three transfers there. But change is good. I didnt even cry when I left or said goodbye! Im no longer a Kohlert! what! I haven't cried in so long. 

Anyways. My new companion will be sister friassa (i dont know how to spell it yet...) Shes from the u.s. around virginia/dc i think. And she has 3 more months on the mission than me.
So this week was also full of sickness. I know. What a surprise. So we ended up going back to sao vicente with the sister training leaders after we did divisions because my ears were hurting really bad the whole night and in the morning. So off we went. The doctor wasn't very helpful, but we got some medicine and i'm better now. I dont really know what it was. maybe it was just from my cold, but it was bad. now my cold is almost done. And we finished up the stuff for sister corbett while we were there too.

Nothing else really happened this week. Sorry. Thats super lame. We were introduced to a boy that we thought was a member, but it turned out that he wasnt! And he wants to be baptized! WHat! So now im going to miss that miracle baptism, but I still was there for when the miracle was discovered. So cool. Ill send picutres next week because we only had a little time to email today due to transfers and stuff.

I love you guys!

Till next week,

Sister Kohlert

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