Week 21: Well, Some Clever Title that I don't have Time to Think Of

Dear Familiy and Friends,

Okay so... this week. Well I didn´t think that it would get any worse this week, which it didn´t, but it didnt exactly get better. But i´m still doing good! its the little miracles everyday that keep me going. We really have been working so hard to find new investigators, but we just haven´t been harvesting anything... maybe it just needs some more water in this dry dirt. We do have some potencial people! We just have to find them when they aren´t home when we mark to pass by! haha i love being a missionary. I really dont feel like anything happened this week, so sorry this letter will be pretty boring. 

We did have one of our investigators receive a blessing to help him stop drinking so that was really cool. He came to church on sunday too!

This was the first week in 3 weeks that we have had investigators at church! 4 to be specific. one of the we didnt even expect to come nbecause she basically already said that she couldn´t! Miracle of the week! 

I have also been working on making our lessons with our younger investigators more exciting because they definitely look bored sometimes. But we´ve been having so fun!

Pizza Night!!
Oh and a huge barata landed on me one day and i freaked out in  the middle of the street. pretty hilarious yet disgusting at the same time. We did find two more baratas and we also learned about a new method to kill them! you have to take a broom and try to flip them over because they cant move once their on their backs, but they crawl super fast otherwise. Then you put some rubbing alcohol on them and drop a match and burn them to a crisp so that there isn´t any guts on the floor! easy to clean version! haha
How we kill Baratas.....alcohol and a match!
So the holiday of são joão was fun. We didn´t have too much of a problem teaching that night! that was another miracle! we thought everyone would be at the parties. They did play their drums outside our house till 6 in the morning though. That was fun. And they had a HUGE market thing! I wish we could have shopped there because they had such cool stuff, but we just walked past on our way to teach. sad day. 
View of  Sao Joao 

Sao Joao Bread

Sao Breads and a Coffee Bean Necklace
Okay so I think thats basically it for this week. sorry that it was kind of boring and unorganized and not very well written. my bad.
Love you guys!

Sister Kohlert

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