Week 44: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Boa Tarde,

It was another lovely, hot week here on the island of Sal. The weather has been a bit warm these days, but we have been pulling through. We were blessed with the miracle of water, which has been on for the whole week, so i do believe that it will stay now! Que Benção! We had quite the rat race running around to get everything ready for Sabrina´s baptism, and all went well, except for the fact that no one told us that there would be no evening church Sunday and that is when sabrina comes, due to the christmas devotional that we watched. Unfortunately, she was also sick, so she was not confirmed, but for sure next week. oh so much stress! But the baptism went well! Que Benção! 

We have been blessed with finding some new promising families! we do think that Heavenly Father wants us to learn something about marriage because we have SOOOO many families that need to get married, but don't want to, or want to wait longer. Its been rough. We must need to learn something out of this because these people are amazing, they just need to get married! We´ll get there one day with some of them, hopefully all of them...

Gutting the fish we bought on the street

We prepared our house for Christmas and we stuck snowflakes on our window to make it seem a bit more like home. It kinda works if you squint real  hard and turn on the fan and put on a blanket and drink some hot chocolate, but your also sweating by then. Que Benção. So excited so spend christmas here, just love all these people. They just are so accepting and make you feel so welcome when they know that your far from home at a time when everyone is with their families, but i really do feel like i have family here. Hope you all have a lovely prep to your christmas this week, send lots of love to all those around you, especially the missionaries serving by you! Endulge them with the love of their families.

Love you all!
Sìster Kohlert 🎄

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