Week 45: May All Your Christmas's be White

Feliz Natal a todos!

What a lovely week with the baptism of Joel. We had lots of fun making treats and food with our investigators, helping them prep for christmas. We also have been droping off small notes everyday ´the 12 days of christmas´with scriptures and symbols of christ. its been pretty fun and a little bit hectic as usual.

The zone christmas party was a blast. We had a lot of fun with the skits/musical numbers. One day you´ll get to see the videos. We had an amazing training by Sister Mathews about the grinch. she wrote a book about how the grinch really stole christmas. it was amazing, so i´ll just summerize what the story is because it had much better rhymes that i cant recall. But anyways, it goes a bit like this: the grinch tried to ruin christmas for who´s, by taking away all the lights, all the presents, and all the food, but it didnt quite work, and instead they learned a bit more of what christmas is really about. the who´s thought they changed the Grinch´s heart, but he still had that wish to ruin the christmas of the Who´s. So this time, he started slow, he started to mention all the things they must buy, all the decorations they needed and that they didnt have much time. soon all the who´s were running around too worried about the sales and the lights and the things they must do. As they forgot and got caught up in the hussle, they forgot about what christmas was, what really was the meaning of christmas. They were too worried about the gifts they were giving and they forgot about the gift that was already given. And thus the Grinch really did steal christmas.

Don't get caught up in all the lights and the ´festas´. dont let yourself get lost in what to get the neighbors. remember what christmas is truly about this year as we think about Jesus and bring him into the gifts that we give, remind others of the best gift that was given. Christmas is a time when we have the opportunity to be the hands of Christ for God´s children. Even the smallest things can turn into a miracle. I know that there are people out there that need some Christmas cheer. It may not be in presents, but maybe just a invite or a small gesture. Never forget the power of the Holy Ghost to lead and guide you to find the one family or life that you can touch this christmas to make it a christmas just a little bit different. 

Here´s just a short little thought from a friend´s weekly email, though it was worth sharing with ya´ll.  I will paraphrase from one of my favorite stories: The Forgotten Carols.  In it Uncle John says, "think about it, wise men coming from the east because they saw a new star in the sky, angels singing to shepards, a virgins having a child.  It sounds absolutely absurd, but we believe it is real because something about the season makes us feel that it is."  I am sorry I cant quote it off the top of my head.  But what I have come to feel with the lack of presents, lights, and christmas trees is that the christmas spirit is still there.  I dont focus so much on the things that this christmas lacks, because it isnt about santa and his sleigh bringing toys on christmas day, its not about christmas cards or sparkling lights, because far away and long ago he was born to straw not snow, in swaddling clothes, the newborn king, our heavenly lord, our everything.  I know he lives, I know he came as the scriptures say, and he is "more than the babe in bethelem.  More than the carpenters son"  I know he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.` (QC: Elder Holt) 

I love this season and I love you all!
Warm hugs from:
Síster Kohlert :)

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