Week 42: Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Family and Friends,

So just another week has gone by. My new trainee is amazing! love her to death! she speaks poruguese like a boss even though she´s from the good old town of Boise, Idaho. We had a lot of fun in Praia, then to catch our 4 am flight back to Sal, and of course the AP´s slept in and we woke them up ten minutes after they were supposed to pick us up. Ya know, only 40 minutes late from when we were supposed to get to the airport, but we made it. ​Had lots of fun showing her around the area and trying not to overwhelm her too much with the Kriol. We made it through the first week just fine! We should be having a baptism this Saturday if all goes well! Sabrina is an amazing 16 year old. she truly understands the importance of enduring to the end. she´s been such an example to her friends. Short on time this week, I´ll try to write more next week!

Love you all!
Till next week!

Síster Kohlert

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