Week 41: Transfers Round 7

Oi Oi Oi!

Transferências! *dumb roll please* As announced by President over the pulpit of the adult session of district conference, I will be training! woot woot! That's a story for another day, but I got to find out my transfer a day early. I'll be training Sister Lee from the United States. And that's basically all I know about her. I'll head over to Praia this week to pick her up and recieve a bit of training. Should be an exciting experience. Ya know. Praia is always cool. Haven´t been there since I arrived! And now Sister Johnson, my trainer, will be in the other dupla of sisters right down the road!

We also learned that our water will come on every 15 days for about two days. This poor sister will be born into such an interesting place. I just have got to find us a new house. Bucket showers and hand washing clothes is getting a bit rough. 4 months is enough for me haha. Apparently president didn't think so... haha life is good though.

This week we did get to go teaching with Sister Mathews, the mission presidents wife. We had a lot of fun with her. She helped us a lot with Maria and José, the ones who need to get married!, José officially has a date for marriage! February 20, but unfortunately I dont think that I will be here :( super sad. There is a small chance that I´d be here, but that would be 6 transfers in the same area, aka half my mission. Maybe they´ll move it a few weeks earlier so that I have a higher chance of being here :) Sister Mathews said that she wants to attend the wedding. At the least I'll get pictures :) Anyways, another lesson we had with Sister Mathews was with a new investigator, we were teaching the plan of salvation, and right as I was in the middle of inviting her to be baptized, her little baby that Sister Mathews was holding starting farting! haha we all just busted up laughing because the mom was laughing so hard. It was hilarious, but so embarrassing too because the Mission President's wife is there! I was trying so hard to get through the invite, but the baby would fart again and someone would start laughing so then we´d all laugh and we just couldn't pull ourselves together. so funny. But we did get through it and she did accept to get baptized :) 

So that was the funny story of the week. 
But I do have one more, I just remembered.

So Tanha (recent convert) was super stressed out one day, so we had the Elders come over and give her a priesthood blessing, and of course Eder wanted one too. Then when we came back to visit them again this week, Marlene (Tanha´s daughter, baptized with her) told us that her little brother, Joel 7, was pretending to give their little sister, Joelma 3, a blessing! So cute! He put his hands over her head then said some stuff then shook her hand at the end. Bahaha cutest thing ever! Anyways, I love these people! So glad that I have met the people I have here in Sal. The love of a missionary is something truely different. How much you care about these people when you only know them for a few months. How badly you want them to be happy. I´ll keep ya´ll posted next week on the new comp!

Till then,
Síster Kohlert

P.S. Pictures to come next week!

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