Week 37: Rain Storms and the Usual

Ei! Tu dret!

So ya know. Just the usual here in Sal. Workin away. We did have some funny experiences this week, and of course some miracles.

First, our week started off with a HUGE rain strom. Talk about down pour. Definitely were walking in a river of water up to our knees. Super fun, oh i really do love the rain! we took a member through it too. She was giggling like a 4 year old in a candy store. Then I almost fell into a 6 foot deep hole because it was full of water and I couldnt tell that it was there, luckily the member and my comp remembered so they stopped me probably only a foot or two from the edge. It would have been really bad, and I probably would have gotten really sick. The good news is that I didnt! Sorry mom  and dad, don't worry about me! Got angels protecting me :) 
Random boy up in a tree!
We got to see some miracles this sunday, when we had 6, yes, that is not a typo, 6 investigators at church! A family of four, then another investigator who brought a friend who we talked with the night before. Ah! So amazing! Maria (the one who brought the friend) is just so amazing! Every time we talk about the Book of Mormon, she says that she knows it´s true with such a firm conviction! There is no doubt in my mind that she got an answer. Man! Just the way that she said it on Saturday night when we invited her friend to pray about it. Maria, with such power in her voice, with such a surity, you´d think that she has been a member for at least 5 years. so incredible! Those are the moments that make the mission (at least for me).

We did have a bit of a sad moment on sunday when Tanha, Marlene, and Eder didnt come to church so we have to move their baptism to the 7th of november. Ah! I just love them so much and I just want them to be happy! 

When we were reviewing the baptismal questions with Marlene (13) and Eder (11), we asked them what they remembered about the law of chastity, and marlene forgot, but eder whispered the answer in her ear, `dont have kids before your married´ so cute! He is so smart! When one of the elders asked him what was something cool that he read in the Book of Mormon, he showed him the scripture in ether when the brother of jared asks the lord to touch the stones so that they will light their boats. Ah! such a boss! He knew how to apply it too! how the holy ghost guides our lives. wow. God prepares those we teach. The church is true! Its the moments like these that makes the missin worth it. Cant wait till the day that Tanha and her family get baptized, then hopefully ill get to see the day that they get sealed in the temple. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Till then,

Sister Kohlert

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