Week 35: Transfers

Heyo! soooo i will be staying here in sal and my new companiion is my grandma, Sister Zimbelman (mission grandma aka trainer of my trainer)! She is from utah and this is her last transfer on the mish, and she started her mission in this area! super excited! Sister Friaça went to my old stomping grounds in Porto Novo! Super excited for her because that area is amazing. so jealous. 

Funny short occurance during gospel principles yesterday, 
Our teacher and all the members of the class were set on the fact that caterpillars die and then are like reinacrnated/restored into a butterfly. They were dead serious. super funny as we tried to explain that the caterpillar is still living and doesnt ever die to become a butterfly in the cacoon. It was hilarious.

So one quick story that was amazing that happened yesterday:
On our way to bring our investigator Tanha and her family to church, sister friaça saw a random pair of kids shoes in the middle of the dirt road. We just walked past, but then sister friaça goes back and picks them up. We look at them, in really good shape still, and they look just about tanhas sons size, Joelm,... as far as we can tell. So we take them with us to Tanhas house. when we get there her daughter answers the door and lets us know that her mom and brothers already left for the church and that she wouldnt be able to go. But we asked if anyone in their family needed shoes. she thinks for a second and quickly replies Joelm! Turns out he went to church in flip flops because someone had stolen his shoes. When we get to the church sure enough, joelm needed shoes because they would be walking all the way to palmeira (a good hour plus walk) right after church. Random story, but I know that those shoes were placed in our path for a reason. (and i think we both prayed to make sure it was okay that we were taking the shoes and that someone didnt need them...) I hope that Tanha felt that Heavenly Father is looking out for her as a single mother trying her best to provide for her family.

Amo vocês!
Síster Kohlert

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