Week 40: Just the Ush

Dear Friends and Family,

Sorry this letter will be kinda lame. Nothing much happened this week. Just a lot of lessons. I could just explain all the problems that we are having right now, but i´d rather not write that all. 

This week was just a blurr, still don't have water, its been two full weeks since we´ve had any. Just prayin that it'll come back because hand washing clothes is very time consuming. The blessings of a washing machine. 

Hope ya´ll like the photo of making french toast in our disaster of a kitchen because we can't wash the dishes very easily and there are 5 liter water jugs everywhere full of filtered water to wash the dishes. 

Transfers are next week, super excited for some change! Can´t wait to find out who my new companion will be! We did get to go to Buracona today, lots of fun.

Cabo Verde is just beautiful. Love it here. Sorry, really dont have anything else this week! Oh, but we did have zone conference with elder dykes from the seventy! that was super cool! He was mission president in Portland Oregon for a bit, and I definitly knew all the places he talked about! And our zone is only 14 people, and 2 couldn't come so we got to have a bit more fun than the rest of the zones. 

And thats all!
Love you! ��
Sister Kohlert

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