Week 36: Oh..The Ups and Downs

Bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite a todos!

This week was quite the whirlwind! We have changed up our schedule a bit, had some highs and some lows. As a mission, we used to have a goal everyday of getting 10 street contacts, 3 lessons with a member present, 3 references received, and 1 investigator lesson in a member´s house, which was very hard, not gonna lie. But now we have a new goal of getting 15 street contacts and 5 investigator lessons everyday. We have been working VERY hard to meet that goal everday, and we have seen miracles!

Just in case you´re wondering, our schedule now goes as follows:
6:30 wake up and excercise
7:15 prep for the day and eat breakfast
8:00 begin studies
10:30 leave to teach
1:30 lunch
2:15 back to teaching
9:00 head back home and plan for tomorrow
10:30 sleep at last

So naturally our bodies have adapted to this lovely schedule so that we dont need to eat or use the restroom for 7 hours till we get home at night, then binge on cereal and popcorn or whatever other snacks we can eat quickly as we plan for the next day. So yeah... dinner isnt a thing on this mission. We´re super healthy out here in Africa. Life.

We also have been out of water this entire week. The sisters and elders also ran out. We´re just lovin´ it here in Sal! 

But we did have some amazing spiritual experiences this week! I´ll just share one, my favorite one: 

One of the recent converts of the elders moved into our area, so we have the responsibility of reviewing the lessons with her, so we were reviewing the first lesson, the restoration, with her on Saturday. Her name is Edisa (Ed-EE-za) by the way. She´s aborable, 18 years old. Anyways, me and my comp were impressed to stress that Heavenly Father knows Edisa by name. As she quickly made the comment that He knows all of us. We noticed that she was quite bothered by the fact the He loves all His children, so of course He has to love her as well. We both bore our testimonies of how we know that at times we think ´how could he remember me when there are so many others, that sometimes we feel lost in the masses.´ Soon Edisa was in tears and so was I. It´s been a while since i´ve cried during a lesson, but the Spirit was SO strong! No doubt that the Spirit was answering her concerns. I know that Heavenly Father loves EACH of us, more than we can imagine. The Book of Mormon is for Each of us, personally. I know that the words of the prophets in that book were written for me in those times that I feel alone, when life just seems too hard or unfair, when I forget my worth,I find God talking to me through The Book of Mormon. I know He is doing the same for each one of His children. It´s one of the most important things that I have learned so far on my mission. I have seen Him in the lives of all those I teach, all those I talk to. He knows you, He loves you. Never forget your infinite worth in the eyes of God. 
I love you all! Thanks for the love you show and the support every week!

Síster Kohlert

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