Week 39: Batismo :)

Ola meus amigos!

So another week has come and gone. Not to many changes out here, not too much news to share so this might be a bit of a shorter email. Sorry... hopefully next weeks will be better!

This week Tanha, Marlene, and Eder were baptized! Woot woot! They are truly amazing. I love them so much! I just know that they are going to be a solid addition to this branch here in Sal. It amazes me how much kids pick up on the spirit. Eder is one spectacular 11 year old. He doesn´t falter to read the Book of Mormon everyday, and he truly understands what he reads! (future misssionary, i think yes!) The work here just keeps coming along.

Antonio, Rofina, Josefa, Flavia, and Ricardo will not be baptized till the end of the month because Rofina still has to come to church one more time and we have district conference on the 21st so they will have to wait till the 28th, but it´s better that way because they aren´t all quite ready yet. Hopefully they will keep progressing and nothing will slip till then!

Heavenly Father has truely blessed us and placed us with another family who are married, the mom and daughter are prepared for our message. Just love to work with families!~

Maria and José are still working towards marriage, they have been talking about a date for marriage either the end of this year or the beginning of next. Hoping for december! Maria wants to get baptized now, they just need to get married! José finally let us know his doubt with baptism, which turned out to be that he was worried with his work schedule right now that he wouldn´t be able to be a strong member in the church because right now he has to work every saturday and sunday from 8 am till midnight. That lifted a huge weigth off our shoulders, but still makes it hard on him because his work doesn´t know when they will get more people to work on saturday and sunday. Lets just say im extremely grateful that his worry is not being able to go to church every week! 
Anyways, always working hard, here´s some pictures to prove it. just kidding. here´s just some pictures because I love you!

😘Até Logo,
Síster Kohlert

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