Week 49: Going to the Mountain to Pray

Just another week gone by. Nothing too exciting. No crazy miracle stories this week. But we did have a lot of fun and found a few new people! Maria has been a bit difficult these days, she hasnt been coming to church and we arent quite sure why. Jose (her not yet husband) used to love the church, but lately has been getting into some stuff. Someone talked to him and said to research the church on the internet, and i think we all know where that leads. We tried our best to warn him, but he was pretty set that the church that he once loved turned into something bad. I dont really know. It was really sad to see. Luckily, Maria decided not to listen to any of it and said she already knows that its true and that she doesnt need anyone elses opinion about the church. Thank you, Maria! Anyways, hopefully all will go well there.

Coming up next Saturday, Adilson will/should be getting baptized! He´s probably the ´easiest´ investigator I have ever had. But he did find work and now it´ll be a little bit harder to talk to him. Why does that always happen! Why do our investigator receive blessings when they start living the commandments! making my life harder over here! haha just kidding. so happy that he found work. blessings.

We also have our investigator, Eufrasia, and her two daughters. Eufrasia opened up a ton to us this last week. We were teaching the law of chastity, which she already knew because she talked to missionaries in the past, but she doesn't want to get married. We were working so hard to figure out what was holding her back, when she opened up to us about her past and what she feels now because of it; how she doesn't feel loved, nor does she love anyone, and that she doesn't love herself. People open up so much to the missionaries. The trust that they feel to be able to tell a couple young girls the hardest parts of their lives, its incredible to me. We working a TON with the branch to make sure that she can begin to feel the love of the branch and help her to learn to love herself and those around her. 

Just another funny story for ya´ll. So the elders had a baptism this last Saturday, and that morning they called us to let us know and asked us to bring some investigators and to do the games for the integration night afterwards, so ya know, we searched all our investigators for someone who could come. We saw one of them, Admilson,walking in the street so we asked him if he could come, but he said that he was `going to the mountain.´ of course we asked him why, to which he replied ´because its good` well what are you going to do? `im going to the mountain to pray` ohhh... so good! super random though. just hiking up the the mountain to pray. then the following day he did the same thing, leaving early in the morning and staying there all day till the sunset, then heading back down. He´s such an interesting fellow. He just needs to take the book of mormon with him and pray about it! he does have a massive knowledge of the bible and its amazing! because he makes all these connections, like the higher laws that Christ taught, to temples(still working on that one), to the comforter aka the holy ghost. its so cool to see. 

So ya know, thats just the weekly update for ya´ll. We also ate cake with ants in it. They didn't know, so we just pretended they weren´t there. Just had about 15 ants crawling out of my piece of cake, its okay, I just ate it anyway. It was pretty good too! 

Ficam dret! Até proximo!
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