Week 50: Baptismal Prep

Tu Dret!​

So this week... was a pretty normal week. I really do wish I had some crazy stories to tell, but today is not the day. We have some amazing investigators though! I just love the people we are working with right now. They are truely amazing, I wish you all could meet them. Avelina and Adilson are working towards baptism this Saturday, praying that all goes well there. We did have divisions on the day that we needed to fill out the forms for them, so Sister Lee, who only has 2 months in Cabo Verde, and the BRAND NEW sister from Angola had to fill out the forms, but luckily they turned out all right. But we did run into a slight problem with Adilson, who fell back into an old habit, but only once, so all your prayers would be greatly appreicated for him, as well as Avelina, as they prepare for baptism this week.​

The usual with Maria and José, but Maria did get to teach with Sister Johnson and me on divisions, seriously an anwer to our prayers. She testifies and teaches so well! If only she was a member so we can count it as a member-present lesson! (all you past missionaries will understand that one)

We did find a new family, Zá and Paulino. She´s awesome, he just has a lot of things to say, but we still love him haha. We got to help them shell peas a few days ago. That one of my favorite things to do. You just sit and talk and shell peas. they probably do it for hours on end because they grow them and then harvest them in MASSIVE quantities. And then they always give us some to take home and make for lunch. But every single time they always give us way more tham what we peeled. I just love the people here! They are soooo loving! One time i´ll get a video of us shelling peas so that you can see it. For a moment, you feel like your truely in Africa, especially if they are speaking Kriolu. Oh you´d all love it! I just gotta get a video of someone speaking Krioluso that I will always remember what is sounds like. 

Anyways, I love you all! Sorry this weekwas pretty lame... I´ll try to have some crazy experiences nexty week so that my email is actually cool... maaa me ka sabe.

Síster Kohlert

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