Week 51: Avelinea and Adilson's Baptism

So just in case you didn't already guess, Adilson and Avelina we´re baptized. They are just amazing! It was lovely, but that day was soooo stressful. But thats a story for another day. (lets just say we ran all over our area doing a whole lotta stuff) We did get frijos(don't know how to spell that) and cake from the landlord of the new house we are going to move into. It was super good. We also had a lunch with the other missionaries here that our relief society put together. it was super good, but I was SOOOO stuffed. Flan is the best thing on the planet. I could eat it all day.

I really do wish that I could explain how that day went (because that all happened on Saturday) but I don't have much time to email today, my bad.

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And ya know, just gonna make ONE YEAR on the mission on Thursday!!! Anyway, Sister Lee and I are going to celebrate by making couscus at Maria´s house and eating brigadeiro. Its going to be divine. And the wonderful holiday of carnaval is coming up, so maybe ill have some cool stories from that, who knows! 

The other sisters on Sal had a baptism this week, who we (Sister Lee and I) actually taught the first lesson to. He was a boss. I called that he would be baptized on the baptismal date that we marked with him. 
Anyway, we just keep on going out here. Just a few more weeks and I'll probably be off to another island.

Love you all!
Síster Kohlert

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