Week 52: So This is Praia

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry, super fast email this week.... kinda lost track of time. but im here in Praia now, as the new sister training leader with Sister Dorgan. I already love her sooo much! We are going to have so much fun here. 

We are serving in Tira ChapĂ©u (translate that into english and you´ll just know that our area is the coolest out here). And I love it here! And the people in our area are the MOST PREPARED people I have seen yet on the mission. It's so crazy here! No wonder they baptize like crazy! Our numbers are INSANE! For example, this week we had one baptism, 6 people at church, we taught 15 lessons with members and 29 others.... and 4 with less actives. So crazy. and because we do divisions with all the sisters here (aka im going to die with the 6 divisions we have to do every transfer, but we don't do them the first or last week of the transfer, so we have to do them in 4 weeks...) and we have to do the divisions in our area, so our numbers get doubled on those days. It's so crazy here. But I already love it.

Oh, and I'm probably serving in one of the sketchiest areas in Praia, but were friends with all the thugs so you don't have to worry about me haha...

 Love you all!Sister Kohlert

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