Week 55: Life Got a Bit More Real

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry, this email will be a short one, kinda had to plan my life a bit... aka BYU classes for fall, so I kinda used my email time to do that. Sorry, I promise next week will be better. But this week, we have the LOVELY family! they are SOOOO golden! they will be getting baptized on the 26th of this month, if all goes well with jacquelina not giving birth. They came to church two Sundays in a row and went to a baptism with us, and they always want us to stop by everyday. 

Sister Dorgan had completely convinced me that the people from the island of Fogo are special, that they truely have been prepared. AND ITS ALL TRUE! the family is from Fogo, and im pretty sure that like half of the cabo verdeans serving here are from Fogo. So now i want to go end my mission there. It'd be lovely.
And just a random side thought, one of our members sons was wearing a Provo shirt!

And i had a sandwich today that was SOOOO good, so everyone needs to try to make it. its a panini with chicken, cheese, and banana on it! SOOOO good!

Love you all! Till next week,
Sister Kohlert

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