Week 56: Cop Cars and Divisions

Dear Family and Friends,

Yeah, my life is basically divisions these last two weeks, but we only have one more on Wednesday and then we're done! woot woot! then itll be transfers and counsel and zone meeting and the life just keeps on going. But MAN! The time flies! Hit one year in Cabo Verde this week. So we went to the American store here and considered buying pancake mix and syrup, but we decided against it. We decided that we would just make the peacan pie that Sister Dorgan got for her birthday, because she also made 500 days on the mission. But she also got some new clothes and they smelled like america. You dont realize how good america smells. Like walking into a house and actually having it smell clean. That'll be weird. For now we just work with the air freshners and dirty bleach water. 

But this week, other than running around like crazy on divisions, we got a ride home in a cop car! They we're worried that we'd get mugged, so we got to skip the 15 minute walk home and chill out with the cops for a while and invite them to church!

Another crazy thing that happened this week, was that our investigator, who was epilepsy, had a seizure at the end of our lesson. Luckily her son was there (because he works ALL the time), so he helped her, well kinda just held her hand and talked to her because you cant really do anything. But it was just crazy to think that she is usually at home by herself and she could have a seisure at any moment and no one is there to help her. So we arent really sure if she can even come to church, because she could start having a seisure in the middle of church, but thats why we also need to start teaching her son! But it was so hard to watch her suffer and not be able to do anything to help. But her son is awesome, he takes such good care of her.

Anyways, we had to move the baptism of the family (Jacquelina and her kids) to the end of april because she wants to wait till she has her baby, because she's literally about to pop. But we do have one investigator who will be getting baptized on Saturday, her names Jo, and she's 22. Shes aborable and knows EVERYTHING, she just had to make the disicion to go to church! She had some problems with her family and she found a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon and she decided to come to church! Gotta love that book.

Oh and today we went to probably one of the only chinese restaurants in all of cabo verde and it was super good! Dang! ive missed chinese food. Almost as much as i miss american ice cream. All i gotta say is that i want a container of chocolate covered raisens and a chocolate banana shake waiting for me at the airport when i get home haha.
Lunch at Chinese Restaurant
Lo Mein Noodles - Cabo Verdean Style
I love being here. I love the people, more than i could ever imagine before coming here. At the beginning of our mission as missionaries, we say goodbye to our families for a year and a half, but when we leave we find out that we are leaving a family forever, one that we will probably never see again, and it breaks your heart, and it changes it, forever. Every once in a while, Heavenly Father reminds us how precious this time truly is. I love you all, and I love this mission.

Till next week,
Sister Kohlert

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