Week 58: For the Love of Praia

Dear Family and Friends,

OH MY GOODNESS! You wouldnt believe the hurricane that we went though this week. Our zone is quite the piece of work, but thats another letter way too long for me to write right now. lets just say that we are all BRAND NEW, and have no idea what we are doing. I jsut basically had to play zone leader during council and zone training meeting. Our training went really well, but the rest kinda was lacking energy, but sister burke and i brought it back at the end to make sure our zone didnt think we were robots.

We had a lot of fun at conference, eating snacks as usually and trying to understand the translaters as they switched from brazilian to portugual portuguese. Thats always fun. We had a good turn out of recent converts, less actives, and investigators. We saw a miracle when the boyfriend of a less active let us talk to him, and it went really well! Our ward is just full of pregnant people right now, not to mention that two of our 10 investigators with baptismal date marks are pregnant, one who will be giving birth any day now!

We had a great time with all the american candy that sister burke got in those three packages that were on my head in the picture that i sent. We may have eaten too much at times and made our selves sick, but we knew we had to get rid of it as fast as we could, so we gave a bunch to the missionaries at conference (bribing the secretaries to always bring us our packages and letters first haha).

But i´m loving it here in Praia, never thought id say that to be completely honest. The people are amazing and I love them to death! I love teaching them the gospel and seeing the change in their lives. They know its true. I learned the power of bearing testimony of eternal families this week, because I talked about it with every taxi driver that took us all over Praia this week. They really start to listen because they have never though about the principle of having a family forever. I know that the keys were restored to seal families. I am so grateful for temples here on earth and the chance that I have to share this knowledge with the families I have been blessed to know here in Cabo Verde.

Love you all! Till next week,
Síster Kohlert

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