Week 59: Por Favor, Tira Chapéu

Dear Family and Friends,

Oh my area! If only I could tell all the things that happen in this area. Its like belonging to a secret club, no one knows what really goes on in Tira Chapéu till you walk these streets everyday. The things you see, it just kills me! You wouldnt believe everything that went on, and its just the usual out here. You just have a lot of good stories to take home, if i remember them all.

It cracks me up when talking about the gun shots in relief society is a completely normal thing. Same with the massive amount of drunk people walking in the streets. For example, we went to teach the plan of salvation to one of our new investigators, but when we showed up, him and his friends we´re all throughly drunk. They tried to tell us that it was just juice, until we asked if we could have some, in which they quickly responded ´NO!´ haha it was pretty entertaining. So we decided not to talk about the plan of salvation, and instead talked a little bit about reading and praying and for them not to drink or smoke before our next visit. Hopefully they´ll be just as accepting and willing sober as they are drunk. It was nice to have three women in there who were all pregnant so they at least were sober and hopefully got something out of that lesson. 

´papa de abobora´ (mashed squash, flour, and water cooked over the stove, with milk)​ I promise it was good, my face just doesnt show it very well...
CACHUPA! this time with squash and tuna
We did have a fun time at Sukapeira today, you can get custom fit dresses for $5, you just have to buy the fabric. So I probably should have just started my mission in Praia and only brought like 4 skirts from America and gotten the rest made! Yeah, so Cabo Verde is pretty cool. Sorry that I dont have a TON of stroies that I can write in an email, but after the mission you´ll get all the stories from this week.
Gatorade from the american store, picture taken in the MASSIVE market place called Sukapeira

Síster Kohlert

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