Week 60: Sooo... you´ll get the stories next week

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry, i managed time bad today, but ill make sure to get all the stories that happened into a few lines....

So here´s a summary:

- 2 divisions, one of which was VERY interesting
- More gun shots, but thats normal
- How our member explained brownies (they´re his favorite family night treat) 'theyre kinda like pizza'
- The drunk man with a blow dryer pretending like it was a speed gun-thing, and checking the speed of the cops, with sound effects.
- We witnessed a robbery, well a man stole a womans phone and money right in front of us, like a run by-ish. idk. it was so weird.
- AND.... I found out that my convert in Santo Antao is putting in his mission papers in a month! I bawled my eyes out when he told me. That was the highlight of the week.

Sorry for the short email, but it was a good week.
Sister Kohlert

and ill send pics next week...sorry!

Sister Kohlert

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