Week 66: Oh, Those Less Actives

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, I would just like to let everyone know, that I love working with the less actives. They´re my favorite. When the members wont teach with you, the less actives are always more than willing to help. When you can´t get referrals, go to the less actives and they´ll give you twenty. When you want to have a family night, you can set up one every day with any less active. You might even get one to come to church!

I think Sister M. Santos and I have discovered the key to working with the less active members this week, we´re just praying that it will all pay off when they start coming to church!

This week, we had a family night with a less active and her son, and some of their friends. We decided to talk about the atonement of Christ for our spiritual thought, and have her son do push ups to pay for a peice of cake for each person that was there. It was very entertaining and it was cool to see them understand a little bit more of Christ´s suffering, especially when we do not want the cake that was already paid for. (Im hoping that this kind of is making sense...)

We have another recent convert\less active that we have been working with, and he has changed so much! First, he started reading and praying again, then he took out his earring, then he came to church! then after church, we asked him to teach with us, but he didnt want to, but then 10 minutes later he calls us telling us he wanted to. And he came! ... but then our appointment fell through. We all know that God just wanted to see if he was willing. It´s a good thing that he sugguested teaching with us on Tuesday, too!

But maybe we just had to go to that appointment that fell through so that we could find an amazing potential investigator! It was a pretty funny contact because he stopped us in the street and asked if we we´re going to invite him to church haha. So then we talked with him to set up a time that we could pass by and talk to him. He soon informed us that he wasn´t going to be here for very long because he was going to Luxembourg.... bummer... but not till the end of August! It´s a good thing that it wont take 3 months to share our message. haha. This island is amazing. Its so prepared. I havent seem so many prepared people since.... since... a year ago when I was in the same place!

I love my mission. I love these people. I love the gospel and the changes it makes in me and in these people. And.... I love you all!

Till next week,
Sister Kohlert

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