Week 62: Festa de Sao Joao

Nha Familia,

Well yesterday was the Festa of Sao Joao, and Tira Chapeu was CRAZY! Everyone and their dog was drunk, and no one was home, but it was quite entertaining to watch the people. We did hear 14 blank shots (3 in a row means its a festa) the other two were just kinda randomly in the mix of the triplas. So that was fun. I'm not sure that they´re actually blanks, but we´ll just pretend they were. And lets just say the turn out for church wasn't so great... at least we had two investigators. Who we thought would be getting baptized this week... until she told us that she has still be drinking coffee. And she´s being a stickler about stopping, but its a work in progress.

Sometimes You Have to get Creative
We finished divisions for this transfer, so we celebrated by making cake and eating mangos and coconut. I was able to buy the newest sister from america her very first sorvette. so good. that new found knowledge will get her through any summer in cabo verde. que bençao.

Vovo Fati!
Sketchy bread place, best bread in all of Praia


Shucking peas(?) aka cascar feijao
On Tuesday, we had our first mission lock down! There was a shooting about 30 minutes by car from us. Don't know if anyone heard about that, but 11 people were killed. There are no missionaries serving in that city, but we all went home early just to be safe. And while we were home, we ate some more mangos.
We have been finding lots of new people, but for some reason everything seems to be at a holt. Im not quite sure why, but we´ll just keep on working. This whole transfer no one seems to be making any progress, but Heavenly Father has a plan for His children, some just might need a bit more time. But I still love it here in Tira Chapeu, the work will go forth.

Love you all!
Sister Kohlert

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