Week 64: Talk About Flashback

Dear Family and Friends,

Well its nice to see that Porto Novo is exactly how i left it, expect for the fact that half the members moved to another island and the other half went inactive... well just some of them. It is amazing to see how many names i remember though! I feel like I know a lot of people, not as many as in the other area, but a decent amount.

This week was pretty normal. I am still trying to get down the area, but we have sooo many members here! Almost all of our lessons are with members, and everyone almost always has an automatic fellowshipper. My companion is sister M. Santos, from brazil. Shes amazing. And she has the privilege of being my first native companion! haha ill be brushing up my portuguese in these next 5 weeks. She started her mission here 5 months ago, but will soon be leaving(assumption). I did forget what heat was, untill I was on the boat over here. And yes, it is getting hot once again, so let the prayers and sorvette begin.

Coming back here has really helped me see how amazing this island really is. The people here are so prepared. Anyone will let you in and actually progress, well at least a little bit! And everyone is always at home here! Oh how I have missed the creole here, too. I had a hard time understanding the first day, but now its as if i had never left! Truly the best creole of all the islands (and i can say that since i have heard just about all of them).

This upcoming week we have zone conference so we will be heading on the boat over to sao vicente, so there should be lots of good pictures to send! Love you all!

Till next week,
Síster Kohlert

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