Week 61: Early Celebrations

Dear Family and Friends,

Just another lovely week here in Praia, so close to finishing divisions, just one more left! Woot woot! We celebrating by having a TON of FHEs and bring brownies to all of them. They were SOOOO good. All I needed was ice cream and my life would be complete. 

Family Night #1

Family Night #2

Family Night #3
We did find out some sad news... the family that we LOVE and I was convinced would be getting baptized while I was here, moved JUST BARELY outside of our area and into the area of the AP´s. It´s literally across the other side of the street from our area. It was so sad. So we had to pass them over to the elders. They were supposed to be baptized this coming saturday, but she still hasn't had her baby and she´s overdue... so we just hope that we can get be there for their baptism!

We also hit out 100 days left (well ish... because we will probably go home on a wednesday so we´ll hit 100 days left on wednesday) but we celebrated early and got a Bifana from a recent convert. One day I'll explain all the cabo verdean foods, but I don't have time for that today... sorry.
District Activity: Hike to the top of Monte Vermelho
We had a great night yesterday, as a drunk man couldnt stop talking to us from our investigators door, we have some videos of it, he just kept leaving and coming back. One of the times he came back with an english restoration pamphlet. that was interesting. Other than that, the week was pretty normal. Last week just had all the crazy stories. Maybe next week will be good too.

Till then...
Sister Kohlert

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