Week 57: Transfers

Dear Family and Friends,

So ya know, of course im still here in Tira Chapéu,but my new comp is sister Burke, who lives like right down the road from us in Lindon, and she was friends with Nicole and I knew her in high school, and we were in the MTC together. SO ITS GONNA BE AN AWESOME TRANSFER! Super excited. But also SUPER sad to say bye to sister dorgan, love her to death. But ya know, its life on the mission.

This week was Jo´s baptism. So cute. She´s a model, no big deal. She´ll probably go to NY to model soon too. But she is amazing! We Finally finished divisions. Happy thats over, and ready to start again, first with leadership council tomorrow, then zone meeting, and then the divisions begin! haha but i really do love it even though i complain. The sisters here are just awesome. 

We had a great time at womens conference, and at church that morning we thought that our investigator jacquelina was going to go into labor at any minute in relief society, but she didnt. But that baby is coming soon!

We had a lovely family night with our vovo fatima. Shes our cabo verdean grandma. She takes care of us when we are sick, like when i had a sore throat on thursday and she made us tea. What a sweetheart. But what i talked about last week and leaving these people forever is so hard. Because we knew that sister dorgan would be transferred, so we had to say goodbye to everyone, and you cant help but cry. You just LOVE THESE PEOPLE SOOO MUCH!
Water in Our Apartment
Anyways, Congrats to Tanner and Kristy! Hope your marriage will be full of ... all i can think of is to promise blessings like a missionary, so maybe ill just stop there, CONGRATS! I love you guys!

Dont forget about the purpose of easter too fast! When Christ was born, there were 3 days with out darkness, and when he died, there were 3 without light, but when He was ressurrected, the light returned to the earth, just as it will pour into our lives as we come unto Him. As we shared our message about Christ at the family night, there was another woman there that we did not know, who started talking, just about her beliefs in christ, but you could feel the spirit leave the room. It was a reminder to me of the Spirit that we bring in to our investigators homes. A lot of the time I forget because you get used to the feeling, but as I felt the Holy Ghost leave and then return as we continued to testify, I was amazed. Dont ever doubt the power of the spirit when you testify of the life of the Savior.

I love you all! Have a divine week!
Sister Kohlert

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