Week 54: O Teto Ceiu

Dear Family and Friends,

Oh what a lovely week! Well first of all, I learned the stresses of bring a sister leader... we had a new sister come in on monday night at midnight/Tuesday morning. So we woke up at like 11:50 and they called us and said they wouldn't be arriving till later, so we stayed up since it was the mission president and his wife that would be dropping her off. And they didn't arrive till about 1:30 am. Then she came and wanted to take a shower, and so we did'nt get to go to bed till about 2.30. then the next day was counsel. So we did that all day Tuesday till 7:30 at night then had to keep track of about 6 sisters and where they needed to be and organize divisions. Then on Thursday we had zone meeting, where we gave a training. It went pretty well, but it was pretty stressful. Glad that was over. Then we get to pass by Jayson, our baptism. We show up at his house and he´s in a wheelchair with a cast on his foot! Ahhh! We asked him what happened and he explained the the CEILING FELL ON HIS FOOT! and now his toe is fractured. So we replanned his baptism for the next week because he couldn't get the cast wet. BUT THEN.... on Saturday morning, he tells us that he is going to get baptized anyways and just take off the cast because it wasn't doing anything (it really wasn't, it was just like wrapped in gauze... let's just say they haven't quite gotten the purpose of a cast down yet). So he did just that. So he was baptized! Crazy, huh!?!

We also had some funny contacts in the street. Can I just say that there is a reason for the Word of Wisdom? Anyway, this drunk man on the street stops us (about 8.50 pm) and tells us that its not safe to walk around here at night. He continues going on about who knows what, and introduces us to his son and daughter who are clearly annoyed with their father. He proceeds to pull out a piece of hair(a nice size chunk, too) and telling us ´Look at the truth! This is real! Take it, take this to remember me! Look at the truth!` Anyways, it was very entertaining. I wish I had that on video.

And I would just like to say that I love my companion, Sister Dorgan. during our companion study,we were discussing if the church advertises, and she said ´I don't think that we publically preach.` and then she proceeded to think about what she said as I was just laughing my head off. We have lots of fun together.
Anyway, I did actually learn something this week, about our progression. We were not created perfect. We were created with potential. And we are here to reach that potential. In counsel, Sister Mathews had a quote that was pretty cool, so I thought that I'd share it with you all! ´Hell will be when we meet the person that we could have been.´ So... achieve your potential!

But here´s a quote just to end off this letter nicely (thanks Tasi for sending this one to me when I was in the MTC). `Do not expect to be perfect at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today.´ -Lorenzo Snow

Love you guys! Till next week,
Síster Kohlert

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