Week 53: The Neighborhood!

Just getting to know the area over here, and this week was just a lot of fun! Some times I just wonder what I am doing with my life. Which you will understand by the time you finish reading this email.

So we started off Monday by heading to this MASSIVE market place where they sell just about everything you can dream of. I now understand where everyone gets anything here. Its like walking into Narnia. But anyway, we went out to teach that night, and about an hour in the power went out, and we decided really quickly that we didn't want to be there after the sun went down. So we "used our intelligence" (as Pres. Mathews would say) and went home.

I had my first division, with Sister Friaça (past companion in sal). That was pretty funny, truely learned that I do not know our area yet, but we made it through without getting lost. And it would just amaze you at how many times people stop and tell us that we should not be walking in our area at night. At least 5 times a week. Like on Saturday, when in the middle of the day a man stops in his car and blocks the entire road to tell us that we need to be careful walking around there. Then on Sunday morning, on our way to church at 8 am, we are alerted by a member that the thuggies really were in a war (at that very moment) and that we should avoid that zone, but we had to go there to get to church! so of course we went. As we were waiting to take one of our investigators, a few of the thuggies were running down the alley way we were in, so we just ran into our investigators house and closed the door. Later that night we found out that no one died. Bahaha but that isn´t even everything that happened on Sunday! The stories have just begun.

During church, they were talking about how missionaries are protected, and a member, Fernando (55 ish), says `The sisters are out in Tira Chapéu, and I wont even walk around there and night and I´m from here!´ They just kill me! I love the members, especially because that same member, after church, gave us a referral for a young man who had gone to prison 4 times and just got out 5 days ago! Hahah, so we went and talked to him and he´s actually really cool.

Anyway, that is why I sometimes wonder what I am doing here, but I love it! (sorry dad, i cant take pictures of my area because i won't bring my camera there, as you can probably imagine why, but maybe one day ill take a picture)

So that´s just about all! I´ll be giving my very first training this week in zone conference, so pray for me! Ahhh!

Love you all!
Síster Kohlert

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